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Pragati Group’s CSR engagement encompasses the philosophy for social responsibilities and lays down the guidelines and mechanism for undertaking

projects, programs and activities beyond business which include initiatives and endeavours for the benefit and development of the community and society.

In line with our CSR initiatives, Pragati Group has created a documented CSR policy which is followed and enforced across all our ongoing sites.

CSR policy lays down guidelines for undertaking programs geared towards social welfare activities or initiatives.



Education With Technology

Access to learning opportunities today is unprecedented thanks to technology and its innovations. Pragati Group is actively supporting that access by providing it to as many students as it can.


Remote Education Centres

Pragati Group has kept education accessible at all of our ongoing sites wherein, we provide learning to the younger generation living in or around our projects. The project location being remote does pose as a threat to the education of the younger generation.


Children Today, Leaders Tomorrow

At Pragati, we are passionate about upholding every child’s right to a quality education. The Pragati Foundation runs vocational and skill training programmes, to create further opportunities for the youth and lift families to better, more contented lives.


Furthering Learning

In accordance with Pragati’s vision for promoting progress for all, we have integrated a carefully designed education framework to our education centres across all our projects.

Respecting Hardiness

Sharing happiness in warm packages during winter.

Looking out for the front line officers looking out for us.

Environment and Health

We strive for the best healthcare for our community while reducing its environmental repercussions. We want to promote and protect communities through a range of initiatives by proving clean drinking water, blood donation drives, improving hygiene and sanitation, and also the infrastructure.


Promoting Greenery

Pragati’s green initiatives are displayed across all our projects where we promote and nurture greener activities such as planting saplings, caring for existing greenery in or around our projects.


Appropriate Health & Safety precautions

We take health and safety of our manpower very seriously and thus have integrated a set framework of actions which lead to a healthier and safer environment for all.

Our CSR Policy

Year 2021

CSR Policy